Home Control Options

Go anywhere and control everything with your new home built by 4th Generation Home Builders!

See it

Watch your kids arrive home from school—receive an image alert or text when they open the front door.

Protect It

Lock up and arm your system from your phone if your family has left for the day but forgot to lock the door.

Set It

Set your lights and adjust your thermostats to increase comfort, reduce energy and unnecessary utility expenses.

Easy Access

Go anywhere and stay connected to your home with an app that is just a tap away.

Instant Awareness

Get immediate alerts when your system is disarmed, a door is opened, or the kids enter your home.

Remote Control

Remotely make sure a door is locked, the thermostat is set back, or the alarm has been armed.

Digital Display Keypad

In addition to the 1 standard, you may locate additional keypads in your home. The front door and master bedroom are popular locations.

Manage energy costs with our smart touchscreen thermostats

Energy costs hardly ever go down! Energy management will save you money on utility bills and help your family live a greener lifestyle. Controlling your thermostat is as easy as activating your home automation system.

You can adjust and monitor your thermostat from anywhere, and that makes it easy to keep the heat down (or the air conditioning up) during the day, then turn it back to a more comfortable level before you head home.

Remotely control your smart lights indoors or out

Working late? Do you dislike coming home to a dark house? No problem. With home automation as a part of your security system, you can turn lights on or off using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can control outdoor lights, indoor lights, program lights, turn lights on and off and—well, you get the picture. Control your lighting from miles away or from across the room, it is all up to you.

Monitor your home remotely with wireless security cameras

Use your laptop or smartphone and stay connected to your kids, pets and property with a home automation system featuring video capabilities. See what is going on in real time.

Check in on your sitter, know when your kids show up after school, check on the dog or check in on an elderly parent. You do not have to wonder what is going on—you can see it using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Secure your home remotely with automatic electronic door locks

Did you ever have to run home and let a service person into your house? Have you ever worried about all of the extra keys floating around for your home? Does everyone in the neighborhood know the code to your garage door keypad?

You can end all of these problems with our Smartcode lock that let you operate locks remotely using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Let the kids in or check to make sure you remembered to lock a door, and do it all remotely with the touch of a finger.

Audio/Video, Entertainment, & Comfort Options

In-Ceiling speaker pair with volume control

Enjoy your music throughout your home . Professional grade speakers installed in pairs in selected areas of your home. Each pair of speakers comes with a professional grade volume control.

With this system, you can listen to your favorite music in any (or every) room in your home. All you have to do is decide which rooms you want speakers in and we will take care of the installation during the construction of your home.

Built-In home theater package with Subwoofer

Home theater is one of the fastest growing upgrades in the new home market today.  Today’s homes are capable of “better than the movies” audio quality which makes viewing movies at home much more entertaining.  If you have ever watched a movie at a home equipped with Dolby Digital surround sound then you how exciting a movie can really be.

We install top quality built-in home theater systems with professional grade speakers.  All you need to do in plug your receiver into the wiring provided by our company and you will be ready to enjoy your next movie in surround sound on your custom built-in home theater speaker system.

Whole house intercom package with 5 inside stations and one doorbell station

One of the best ways to communicate throughout your home is with out built-in intercom system. You can talk room-to-room and includes an AM/FM digital radio tuner. The system is capable of up to 12 room stations and 4 door stations. You can answer the door from any station with the built-in door chime.

Need a baby monitor? Use your intercom system to monitor any room in your home. It is like having a baby monitor in every room.

Video doorbell system

For the safety and convenience of your family, find out who’s knocking without being seen. The digital camera allows you to screen visitors before answering the door, without the worry of being seen. With the automatic night vision, view clear images of visitors even after dark. A video doorbell is a great way to discretely protect your privacy, and your home.

Whole house Central-Vacuum System

A built-in central vacuum cleaning system is one of the most useful convenience items you can choose for your new home.  The cleaning power of a central vacuum is several times more powerful than a traditional portable vacuum cleaner.  The powerful central motor is located in your garage and our company installs piping throughout your home to strategically located vacuum inlets. The included hose provides you with a 30 foot reach in any direction from each of the inlets.

The best reason for having a central vacuum system, other than the time and labor saved from lugging around an inefficient portable vacuum cleaner, is because it is much HEALTHIER.  Traditional portable vacuum cleaners exhaust through a bag which is vented right back into your home.  Most of the larger dirt particles are trapped inside of the bag, but the smaller particles of dirt & dust (not to mention odor) are blown back into the air which eventually settles back onto your furniture, bedding, dishes and everywhere else in your home.  (This is why you have to dust after you vacuum with traditional vacuum cleaners.)  Also stirred back up into the air is pollen, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungus spores, dust & house mites and numerous other microorganisms.

Simply put, a central vacuum cleaning system is one of the HEALTHIEST decisions you can make for your new home.  Order your central vacuum system through your Realtor and you will have a HEALTHY HOME from day one.